Vacancy for Post of Deputy Chief Registrar The Judiciary

Applications are invited from qualified officers who wish to be considered for appointment as Deputy Chief Registrar in the Judiciary.   
    By selection from among officers in the grades of –  
​    (i)   Senior Registrar/Regional Court Administrator; and 
   (ii)  Chief Court Officer/Court Manager who reckon at least two years’ service in a substantive capacity in the grade  
   who –   
   (a)  have a thorough knowledge of the duties pertaining to the office of the Judge in Bankruptcy and Master and Registrar; 
   (b) have sound practical knowledge of the Courts Act, Insolvency Act, Companies Act, Sale of Immoveable Property Act, Intermediate and District Courts (Civil Jurisdiction) Act, Industrial Court  Act,  Criminal Procedure Act, Mauritius Civil Procedure Act, Judicial and Legal Provisions Act, more specially the rules and regulations made under each of the abovementioned enactments; 
   (c) possess good administrative ability; 
   (d) possess good communication and interpersonal skills; and 
   (e) possess good leadership qualities.   
    To give managerial and technical assistance for the effective administration of all court activities in The Judiciary.   
1.           To be responsible to the Judge in Bankruptcy and Master and Registrar and the Deputy Master and Registrar and Judge in Bankruptcy through the Chief Registrar for the following –  
             (i)   to give general assistance to the Judge in Bankruptcy and Master and Registrar and the Deputy Master and Registrar and Judge in Bankruptcy in their administrative functions;  

            (ii) to act as Registrar in civil and criminal cases; 
           (iii) to deputise for and take over the Chief Registrar’s responsibilities during the latter’s absence; 
           (iv) to receive petitions and bonds, as and when required; 
           (v) to assist in making arrangements for the holding of examinations prescribed for Court Ushers; 
          (vi) to initial traders’ book; 
          (vii) to liaise with authorities concerned on personnel matters pertaining to the Court Officer Cadre, as may be required; 
          (viii) to act as Commissioner of Oaths; and 
          (ix) to tax costs.   
2.       To use ICT in the performance of his duties. 
3.      To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Deputy Chief Registrar in the roles ascribed to him. 
 The permanent and pensionable post carries salary in scale  Rs 42,325 x 1,525 – 49,950 x 1,625 – 62,950 x 1,850 – 66,650 a month.   
1. Qualified candidates are advised to submit their application electronically via the website of the Public Service Commission at the following address: 
2. Candidates are requested to follow the procedures that can be accessed through the “How to Apply” option on the above address. 
3. Candidates are required to submit a printed copy of their Application Form, duly signed, through the Judge in Bankruptcy and Master and Registrar.   
4. For queries regarding Username & Password, the Government Online Centre (GOC) may be contacted on the e-mail: or on phone number 454 9955. 
5. For technical support and other queries, the helpdesk of the Public Service Commission may be contacted on the e-mail address or phone number 670 9705 or fax number 670 3417. 
6. Candidates are also advised to read carefully the “NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE APPLICATION (in response to PSC Circular Notes)” before filling in the Application Form. Care should be taken to fill in the online Application Form correctly. Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the Application Form may entail elimination of the candidate. 
Online Application Forms should be submitted not later than 3.00 p.m. (local time) on …Monday 26 August…… 2019. Applications Forms received after the specified closing date and time will not be considered.   
                                                                                                                                                                                               Public Service Commission, 
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