Supreme Court
When Mauritius became ​a British colony in 1810, it was proclaimed that any litigant in a court case could appeal to His Majesty’s Council provided the subject matter involved exceeded 4000 piastres.

After independence in 1968 and on its becoming a Republic in 1992, Mauritius deemed it fit to maintain the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as its highest court of appeal.

Appeals to the Judicial Committee from decisions of the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court may be as of right or with the leave of the Court, as set out in section 81 of the Constitution and section 70A of the Courts Act. The Judicial Committee may also grant special leave to appeal from the decision of any court in any civil or criminal matter (s. 81(5) of the Constitution) The procedure for appeal to the Judicial Committee is provided by the Mauritius (Appeals to Privy Council) Order 1968.​