​​Pursuant to Section 69 of the District and Intermediate Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act* a person may plead guilty by letter in respect of certain road traffic offences and offences punishable by fine only and thus avoid having to attend Court personally.

If you wish to plead guilty by letter, please send this form (click here to download​) duly filled in together with the Notice of Summons that has been served upon you to the appropriate District Court House by registered post or by handing it personally to the Court Officers of the appropriate District Court.

The duly completed form should reach the appropriate District Court House not less than three clear days before the date your case is scheduled.

You need not attend Court on the date mentioned in the Notice of Summons if you plead guilty by letter.

You will have eight days from the scheduled date of the case to settle the fine and costs imposed failing which a warrant of arrest may be issued against you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *District and Intermediate Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act

69 Appearance by letter 

 An accused to whom notice has been given or upon whom a summons has been served to appear before Court in respect of an offence against any regulations made under the Road Traffic Act or an offence under any other enactment punishable by a fine only may, by letter containing such notice or summons and sent to the Court by registered post, plead guilty to the charge and submit to the order of the Court.