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Site can be accessed better in the Mobile devices versions IPAD IOS version 8+, Android version 4+. 

Below are the steps to access the site on the Mobile Device.

·         Go to the browser and enter the site URL and browse the site. i.e.

·         Once the site is opened go to the Setting menu from the top right corner and click on the option “Request Desktop site”

Screen Resolution

​​The minimum screen resolution recommended to view the site is 1024 x 768.

PDF Viewer

A PDF viewer is required to view the documents in this site.

Record Sorting

In some pages, you can sort in ascending or descending order the records by clicking on the column titles (shown in Figure below). 

Content Search (searching inside document)

Click here to view content search help.

Note : sorting by clicking on the column titles feature is not available in the content search

More Search Options

Click here​ to view more search options help

User Account Expiry    

It is recommended to change the password periodically for security reason. Supreme court online web site will also follow the same process and will prompt to change the password after 180 days.

Forget Password 

If password is forgotten, follow the steps below :

       ·     Browse to the site and click on the login link available in top right corner from any page as shown below.


·         Click on the “Forgot Password” link provided under the login section.

·         Enter the email or username for which you have forgotten the password and click on submit.

·         Enter the security answer and click on submit.

Approximate time taken to open document based on bandwidth

The approximate time taken to open a document in the site will be based on the bandwidth available and on the size of the document

How to use Collapsible Sections 

In the site there are Collapsible Sections available. Using this controls the particular sections can be collapse or expanded.

·      Search Collapsible Sections

Click on the highlighted section will expand and collapse the section. The “+”(Plus) sign will represent the collapse option and “-“(Minus) sign will represent here the expand option to section.

·       Dynamic Collapsible Section

These Collapsible Sections are clickable from the title and respective section as shown below. Clicking on the section will expand the particular section and at the same time other sections are collapsed. Thedynamicsections are available in Judgement by Year Page.

How to use Cause list calendar view 

Cause lists can be viewed using the new calendar view. The calendar view will show the cause lists for the particular week in the calendar format.  The cause lists can be further filtered by selecting the court and category.

Open hyperlink in new window using ctrl + click 

All the hyperlink can open the respective link in the new tab by using the keyboard shortcuts  ctrl + click.

Zooming the site contents 

After browsing the site in the browser we can use the zoom-in and out feature from windows platform broswers(Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) with following key combination :

Zoom in - ctrl + "+" 
Zoom out - ctrl + "-" 
Reset to default ctrl + "0"

For Mac Safari follow the below key combinations:

Zoom in - “Command  (⌘) key+ "+" 
Zoom out - “Command  (⌘) key+ "-" 
Reset to default “Command  (⌘) key+ "0"