Applications are invited from qualified candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as Temporary State Attorney in the Attorney-General’s Office/Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. 
 On appointment, the Temporary State Attorney will draw salary at the flat rate of Rs 34350 per month and will be entitled to the following fringe benefits: 
  • 100% duty exemption for the purchase of a car with engine capacity of up to 1500 cc once every seven years or Car allowance in lieu of duty exemption as per para 18.2.16 (3) of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol I)
  • Loan facilities of up to 21 months’ salary, refundable in 84 monthly installments in accordance to para 18.2.43 (a) & (k) of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol I) 
  • A monthly travelling allowance of Rs 11500 as per para 18.2.68 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol I) 
  • Yearly Judicial and Legal Allowance of Rs 22000 as per para 27.24 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol. I). 
 The post, upon appointment as State Attorney, carries salary in the scale of:  Rs 34350 x 925 – 37125 x 1225 – 40800 x 1525 – 49950 x 1625 - 62950 on the permanent and pensionable establishment and the following additional benefits: 
  •  Passage benefits at the rate of 5% annual salary in accordance to para 18.3.14 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol. I) 
  •  Award of incremental credit for experience acquired outside the service as per para 18.9.5 PRB Report 2016 (Vol. I) 
  •  Eligibility for Higher Qualification Incentives as per paras 18.9.16 and 18.9.17 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol. I) 
  •  Entry at Higher salary point based on qualification and experience as per para. 27.16 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol II)
  •  Monthly Special and Legal Service Allowance at the rate of 7% of the monthly salary after completion of 10 years service in accordance with para 27.20 of the PRB Report 2016 (Vol II).  
 Candidates should be Attorneys-at-Law whose names have been entered on the Roll of Law Practitioners. 
  •  To act as Attorney-at-Law for the Government of Mauritius. 
  •  To act as Solicitor before the Courts of Mauritius in civil cases where the Government/the Director of Public Prosecutions or the Commissioner of Police is concerned. 
  •  To brief the Law Officers in all appeal cases, civil and criminal , motions and matters before the Supreme Court in which the government, minors, protected persons, the Director  of Public  Prosecutions or the Commissioner of Police are concerned. 
  •  To examine all deeds, authentic or under private signature, submitted to be visaed. 
  •  To deal with division in kind concerning minors and ‘majeurs incapables’ or whenever required by the Court to intervene. 
  •  To assist the Senior State Attorneys, Principal the State Attorneys, Deputy Chief State Attorneys and the Chief State Attorneys in the exercise of their duties. 
  •  To perform other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the State Attorney in the roles ascribed to him.  
 Qualified candidates should submit their applications on the prescribed form obtainable from the Secretary, Judicial and Legal Service Commission, Supreme Court, Port Louis.  

 They should also annex to their application form: 
(i)   a duly signed curriculum vitae, 
(ii)  a photocopy of their Birth Certificate, and  (iii)  photocopies of all their educational and professional qualification certificates.  
(III) Photocopies of all their educational and professional qualification certificates
Application forms, duly filled in, should reach the Secretary, Judicial and Legal Service Commission,   
Supreme Court, Port Louis by Friday 15 March 2019 at 3.00 p.m at latest.    
                                                                                                            Judicial and Legal Service Commission 
28 February 2019 
NOTE:  All those who have previously applied for the abovementioned post should submit a fresh application.   
This Notice of Vacancy, together with the Application Form are available on the website of the Judiciary at the following address: http://supremecourt.govmu.org